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Since the founding of Dazhen National Institute in 1995 at Imperial Wenlan Library, the Wulin Academy of Arts has been inheriting the tradition of Chinese arts and culture in the midst of hardships, starting with 'Dazhen' and carrying forward the light of 'Wulin'. The word 'Zhen' is taken from I Ching, which says, 'Everything comes out of Zhen, and Zhen is the East.' In Classic of Poetry, 'Formerly in the middle of the period, there was a time of Zhen (dignity) and exploits.' 'Dazhen' is the great cultural revival of the East. The Wulin Academy now covers three major academic divisions as well as various subordinate research institutes, which are situated among the mountains and lakes of Wulin, echoing the Mount Lu National Institute of the Southern Tang dynasty and revitalizing Chinese culture.

Research at Wulin Academy of Arts:

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